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Dr Hussham O/A levels Biology Teacher & CEO Of Heuser

CEO's Message

Being an educator, I have realised the importance of accessibility — having a skill or resource and making it accessible for people to utilise it for their betterment. HEUSER is a product of countless hours spent critically thinking and brainstorming ideas to make it a one stop place for all your educational needs. It is a learning and advisory portal that will not only cater to your academic learning but give you an all rounded experience. HEUSER aims to provide a platform to senior students such as highschool, O levels, A levels and FSc students to achieve their academic goals whilst seeking proper guidance from professional and student advisors, to ensure that they ascend the career ladder smoothly The spectrum of academic courses we offer will expand as we evolve with you in these times. I assure you that the courses offered, and the teachers directing them, will work tirelessly to bridge the gaps in your learning. I can go on and on, but would rather welcome you yourself to explore, learn, and grow through HEUSER.

Yours sincerely, Hussham Arshad
CEO & Founder — HEUSER.

Team's Message

A collective hello from our team here at HEUSER! We’re the people you’ll be interacting with on a daily basis for all things HEUSER related and we hope that we make your experience with us the best you’ve had. With our tasks ranging from registering you to the program to making sure we do our level best to get you into your dream university — we aim to work with every student tirelessly to achieve what they believe in (see what we did there?)


Sheharbano Haider

BDS - Altamash Institute of Dental Medicine

Raiha Zaidi

MBBS - Jinnah Sindh Medical University

Arham Ahmed

BDS - Dow University of Health Sciences

Nashet Karim

BDS - Dow University of Health Sciences


Hafsa Bilwani

BS - Accounting and Finance, IBA Karachi

Noori Zubair

BSc - Social Development & Policy, Habib University

Kashmala Hasan

BBA - Business Administration, IBA Karachi


Faiza Farooq

BS - Computer Science, SZABIST

Danish Raza

BS - Computer Science, IBA Karachi

O/A Levels TEAM

Muzammil Khurram

CA - Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan


Deliver programs and courses that build upon a broad academic foundation. Equip students with the academic skills required to transcend into the next stage of their career pathway. Actively encourage mentorship between our students and renowned advisors. Invest in our teaching faculty in an attempt to sustain quality education.


Our goal is to deliver academic programs and courses that build a strong foundation for students. We equip them with the necessary academic skills to excel in their careers. Our emphasis is on encouraging mentorship between students and renowned advisors. We invest in our teaching faculty to ensure we provide quality education. Through these efforts, we strive to enable students to transcend into the next stage of their career pathway, equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed.


HEUSER offers a range of educational programs with high-quality materials and systematic lectures by specialists for academic excellence. They have a 96% acceptance ratio in test prep services. Professional Advisory Board members from diverse industries and Student Advisory Board members from renowned universities mentor students. They aim to inspire and lead by example, evolving and adding to the variety of their programs for a prime learning environment. HEUSER focuses on intellectual and personal transformation to progress students along their academic track.

Heuser is an educational and learning platform that provides aptitude test preparation for local universities along with SATs and O/A Levels. It aims to deliver a holistic learning approach.


Pechs Campus

25, Block 3, PECHS

Karachi, Pakistan

Clifton Campus

D129, Block 4 Clifton

Karachi, Pakistan

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